Savory Grilled Chicken Taliwang close-up - Indonesian main course
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The name of this savory dinner is derived from Taliwang on the Indonesian island of Lombok, where the recipe was originally invented - Lombok is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands and a reoccurring source of delicious recipes and meals.

At Hibiscus, our Chicken Taliwang is an experience that truly merits sampling - the dish begins with a halved young chicken marinated for maximum flavor potential, measuring up to a large portion even before being paired with an assortment of sides. This chicken is char-grilled beautifully before being treated with a tomato-based red sauce that pairs perfectly with our marinade. It's served with organic steamed rice and a mix of steamed vegetables for a textural range and finished with crispy shallots - and since tomato sauce isn't everyone's favorite for vegetables, these vegetables are paired with an authentic Indonesian herb dressing.

The first thing you'll notice when you order our Chicken Taliwang is the aroma, released during grilling and continuing to waft from the tender chicken. The balance of flavors is careful - while the chicken retains a strong profile in the dish due to the marination and grilling process, the sauce it pairs with is acidic and equally present. The strong flavors, rather than clashing, aid one another perfectly - and when this chicken is sliced and eaten with bites of rice or vegetables, it produces a brilliant combination of flavors and consistencies.

This savory dish is a standout of our menu at Hibiscus of Seminyak, Bali, all of the senses extensively pampered by this authentic Indonesian recipe. Our carefully plated Chicken Taliwang is appealing to the eye, aromatic, the sizzle of the grill building anticipation - and when you bite into the tender, moist chicken, you'll taste an explosion of flavor you'll want to experience again and again.

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