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The closest dish to satay that global travelers would be familiar with are shish kebabs - satays are served on a skewer, often with a sauce. These sauces vary widely depending on the region that the satays are being served in, but the most famous is the Thai variant, which features a peanut sauce emblematic of the Thai flavor.

At Hibiscus, we serve an authentic Balinese Pork Satay in a red chili sauce that combines the best of spicy and sweet flavors - new pork is marinated for the skewers each night to create the tenderest and juiciest satays possible. On the side, we serve steamed rice and an authentic Balinese sambal that can be added to boost the spiciness of these dishes to the next level. Sliced chilis and a fresh tomato dressing finish this dish and put the final touches on a brilliant spectrum of flavor.

Our satays are neat and easy to eat with your hands, making this an appealing dish for children and adults alike, but customers should be aware that they are a little spicy. The red chili sauce isn't too strong, so customers who prefer sweetness to spiciness should avoid using the sambal - but for customers who adore spice, the sambal is a flavorful treat. The tender pork itself is aromatic and appealing to the eye and our lengthy marination process means that every bite is infused with flavor - meanwhile, the sides on the meal offer authentic local flavors both in our house sambal and in the crunchiness of the steamed rice and tomato dressing.

You've likely had some kind of satay before, but at Hibiscus we've refined and perfected our technique to make the most delicious Pork Satays we can - we're looking forward to serving you at our location in Seminyak, Bali.

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