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Throughout the world, slow cooking is revered and coveted for the resulting tenderness of the meat. However, during the cooking process, Ayam Betutu takes it to a different level with the flavors that are infused into the already marinated chicken leg. In Balinese, ‘be’ means meat and ‘tutu’ means a method of cooking on charcoal with the chicken pieces wrapped in palm leaves. As you can imagine, the charcoal gives a smoky flavor that is also aromatically enticing, leaving you with that smoky smell well before your taste buds get to take part in the enjoyment.

The process of using the palm leaves adds an additional level of flavor and marination. By wrapping the chicken in the palm leaves during this slow cooking process, the palm leaves themselves are smoked and the chicken gets bathed in the hot palm oils. Combine this wonderful process by also cooking the chicken with a flavoursome Balinese herb dressing and you have the great makings of Ayam Betutu. The Balinese herb dressing itself is made of a mix of carefully, chef selected local herbs.

At Hibiscus, this entrée is completed with generous amounts of organic white steamed rice, sautéed mix vegetables and Balinese crispy shallots. Then, Balinese local spice dressing is served on the side. This spice dressing can be spicy. Having it on the side allows you to select just how spicy you would like your Balinese spicy chicken!

The presentation of this dish at Hibiscus is visually stimulating too. The chef, who is Indonesian Balinese, takes time for an artful presentation of this classic meal. The pride shows through also with the representation of what is, in essence, a Balinese “hometown” meal.

Ayam Betutu is a favorite amongst tourist and local residents alike. Served in luxury hotels and restaurants alike, this soft textured, aromatic and flavoursome Indonesian meal leaves a lasting impression. If in Seminyak, Bali, then a visit to Hibiscus should definitely be a destination stop in order to enjoy this meal with us.

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