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An authentic and classically Indonesian meal, Mie Goreng Ayam is a standard favorite. The yellow fried egg noodles are richly flavorful and very hearty. Made to order, Hibiscus cooks the noodles ala minutes to ensure that they are served fresh. These thin, fried egg noodles are bathed in just the right amount of a sweet like sugar-soy sauce. But not just any soy sauce, a special soy oyster dressing adds an extra earthly richness to the dish.Joining in this bountiful flavor are additional taste bud enhancers and textures with the sautéed chicken and vegetables. Hearty amounts of juicy and tender wok sautéed chicken add tasty juices to the soy oyster dressing. Only the freshest of vegetables are selected for the sauté and they bring vibrant flavors, colors and textures to the Mie Goreng Ayam. A careful balance of vegetables like peppers, cabbage, onions, garlic, tomatoes and others add wonderful color to this visually stimulating dish’s presentation. Then, much more than just a garnish, a Balinese crispy shallot is used by Hibiscus to top off the dish.While all of the above would be enough to call this dish done, at Hibiscus, a skillfully rolled egg omelet highlights the Mie Goreng Ayam. The tightly rolled omelets artfully decorate this noodle dish.Available throughout Indonesia and beyond, Mie Goreng Ayam is made something special at Hibiscus where this popular dish is made a work of art. From its artful presentation to its freshness of ingredients, including the yellow fried egg noodles, this light but hearty meal is one to be enjoyed.</p

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