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Pork belly is a classic dish the world over, describing an initial cut of pork weighing up to twelve pounds and usually in the shape of a long slab. This pork belly is seasoned and prepared in different ways all over the world - but the most important part about setting Indonesian cuisine apart in this context is the spices, where our dinner shines.

At Hibiscus, the Sweet Pork Belly begins with tender sliced pork belly in long strips - although the pork belly is soft and succulent enough to stand on its own, our sauces really elevate this dish to the next level. The strips are placed alongside steamed white rice with local sauteed water spinach before being drizzled in a red chili, ginger and shallot sweet soy sauce dressing.

The flavor profile of this dish is out of this world, but it serves the other senses nicely as well - the colors are as bright as can be expected from Indonesian cuisine and the waves of aromatic fragrance that stream off every component serve as perfect preparation for the meal to come.

Sliced into bite-sized pieces and eaten alongside the rice, these chunks of delicious pork are a delight - pork belly is often considered to taste like a thicker bacon, rich in flavor and high in nutrients. This dish is also a textural delight - the crunch of the rice and the tender flavor of the pork belly work in perfect combination. The herb-infused dressing pairs perfectly with both the rice and the pork belly, adding a little spice and a splash of tang to every bite.

Pork belly is common in Indonesia, and sweet pork belly is often considered the most authentically Indonesian variation - but at Hibiscus of Seminyak, Bali, we strive to create a Sweet Pork Belly like nothing you've ever tasted before.

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