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The name of this delicious dinner dish comes from North Sulawesi, describing a spicy bumbu utilizing red and green chili peppers and various other local ingredients depending on what's available in the region. It's usually mixed with coconut milk to create a sauce which is then added to various meats, seafoods and steamed vegetables. It's a classic Indonesian meal, but we've elevated our flavors with the finest blend of ingredients.

At Hibiscus, we use only the juiciest deep-fried chicken legs in our Chicken Rica-rica. The chicken is first soaked in our house marinade before being char-broiled and fried, served with organic white steamed rice and sauteed green water spinach. This is paired off with the classic Rica-rica sauce and an Indonesian herb dressing. Our herb dressing is special among Seminyak's Indonesian restaurants because it also contains local basil, providing a unique balance of flavor that takes this classic dish to the next level.

Although this meal is considered slightly spicy due to the characteristic Rica-rica sauce, the overall flavor profile is varied. The chicken itself is moist and tender, while the crispy coating on the outside provides valuable texture to pamper your palette - the fragrant combination of our house spices and Rica-rica sauce is aromatic and rich, characteristic of Indonesian cuisine as a whole. You can taste the authentic Indonesian flavor in every bite of this dish.

The sliced cherry tomatoes and various other sides on the plate each hold their own, and combining bites of rice with chicken and Rica-rica sauce can be a transcendent experience. Our dedication to each customer means that your meal is arranged on the plate artistically, each component placed with care.

Find us in Seminyak today and taste these delicious flavors for yourself - and as always, when you dine with us at Hibiscus you will receive complimentary hibiscus tea made in-house.

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