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A satay is a skewer dish similar to the Turkish shish kebab, often served with varying sauces depending on the exact region in Indonesia it's being served. Thai satay is one of the most common variations of the originally Javanese dish, usually including pork and a characteristic peanut sauce. Chicken satay is also known as satay ayam and is one of the most common kinds of satay found in Indonesia.

At Hibiscus, we offer a uniquely Balinese variation on this authentic Indonesian classic - it uses chicken from the Bali region, finely minced and packed onto lemongrass skewers. These lemongrass stalks, in addition to a wide selection of Balinese spices, soak into the dish while it cooks to lend even deeper flavor to this tasty minced chicken. Our Lemongrass Chicken Satay is also served with a side of organic steamed rice and sauteed green spinach, treated with an aromatic shallot dressing that's a perfect compliment to every other component of the dish and, of course, this dressing utilizes lemongrass oil for an additional element of flavor.

Like Turkish shish kebabs, you can eat our Lemongrass Chicken Satay with your bare hands - our minced chicken gives the satay a unique and flavorful texture that explodes with flavor in every bite. The fragrant spices used in marinating and cooking the chicken pair with the natural scent of the lemongrass stalk, treating each of the senses individually to a rapturous experience. What's more, we put care into making every plate a work of art for the customer to enjoy.

We've taken this classic, authentic dish and put variations on the flavor profile to make it a unique experience - and when you dine with us you'll be treated to complimentary hibiscus tea that we make homemade each day. Come visit us today in Seminyak and experience these vibrant Indonesian flavors at reasonable prices.

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