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Although there are many different lists and opinions on which food is considered the national dish of Indonesia, Nasi Goreng is one of the most common candidates. Literally translated to "fried rice", this dish is considered one of Indonesia's tastiest based in large part to the unique blends of spices and pastes used in the region's cuisine.

Nasi Goreng is complex to describe in general because it lacks a standard structure. Spices as diverse as shrimp paste and sweet soy sauce are common additions before frying, and it's not uncommon to see eggs cooked into Nasi Goreng in various forms. Both sunny side up and scrambled variations are common across Indonesia.

At Hibiscus, our Nasi Goreng transcends what you've come to expect from Indonesian fried rice. We start by making our authentic Balinese chicken fried rice using local Indonesian grains and tender chicken, and from there the flavors only escalate. A sweet and spicy soy sauce and Balinese spices ramp that rice up into a serious flavor experience - but when you buy our Nasi Goreng, fried rice isn't all you get. You're also treated to a fresh organic salad with Balinese crispy shallots, and that chicken fried rice is wrapped in an omelette for you to slice open and sample at your leisure.

This dish is a full flavor experience. From the creaminess of the omelette's interior when it's sliced through to the crunchiness of the rice, the textures are sublime - and when you add chunks of fried chicken into the mix, this is a savory dish that more than meets expectations. The aromatic scent of the egg is broken as the omelette is sliced, fused with the fragrance of fried chicken and the sweet and spicy sauce in a perfect preparation for the explosion of taste in every bite.

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