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When you go into Hibiscus of Seminyak, Bali for an authentic Indonesian meal, there are a variety of great choices with vibrant flavors and amazing depth - but one of the most popular dishes remains Beef Rendang, a traditional dish beloved by our customers.

The reason our Rendang has remained so popular among our customers is simply that it's amazing - but qualities like the aromatic scent of each component wafting through the air and the pristine artistic plating of every dish satisfy many customers as well. The explosion of flavor that hits your tastebuds when you bite into the succulent beef slices or eat rice coated in our delicious sauce has to be experienced to be believed.

Rendang, at its most basic, is a spicy meat dish with an abundance of spices and coconut milk to provide a delicious base. It's served throughout Indonesia and has a significant cultural relationship with the Minangkabau people, who utilize this classic dish to pamper guests and spice up their celebrations. As of 2018, it's considered an official dish of Indonesia.

At Hibiscus, that basic description doesn't begin to cut it. This is one of our chef-recommended meals for a reason - our tender slices of marinated beef are slow-cooked for hours before they're stewed for eight hours in a spicy-spicy Rendang sauce with Sumatran influences. This combination of cooking methods insures that your every bite will be tender enough to fall apart in your mouth. As if that wasn't enough, we pair these sliced beef delicacies with organic steamed rice and a mix of steamed local vegetables for a balance of nutrients and textures that's desirable even when you're experiencing a whirlwind of taste.

Our Rendang might be the best in Bali, but Rendang itself was once voted the world's most delicious dish - a CNN International poll of worldwide cuisines ended with Indonesia taking the #1 position with Rendang, establishing once and for all that Rendang is a dinner deserving of the care and attention we put into every succulent dish.

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