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Klepon is relatively common throughout Asia, most often found served in Indonesia as a staple member of the kue family. Kue is a blanket term describing Indonesian bite-sized foods, most commonly desserts but sometimes savory snacks - they can be baked, fried or steamed and often boast radiant colors to draw the eye. Influences for kue as a style come from all over the world, ranging from European pastries to Indian and Chinese dishes.

Klepon itself is authentic to the Indonesian region - boiled rice cakes are stuffed with sweet palm sugar filling and blanketed with shredded coconut, often with additions of chocolate flakes or chocolate crumbs. At Hibiscus, we bring a unique quality to our klepon by using authentic sweet purple cassava, also known as the purple yam - this special ingredient is used as the basis for the unique flavor profile our klepon offers, substituting for the standard rice flour more commonly used and for the base of the cake themselves. With skewers speared through the cassava cakes for easy eating, this is a dessert fit to follow any meal.

If you're an expert in Indonesian cuisine, you need no introduction to klepon - but for those who're planning to try the dish for the first time, you should expect a rich flavor paired with textures that provide a whole range of experiences. The steamed cassava balls which serve as the basis for the dish are often still warm, and the sweet palm sugar that fills the center is hot, often still in liquid form. When given time to cool, this liquid sugar is a sweet delicacy treasured throughout Indonesia.

Although klepon is considered an Indonesian authentic meal, variations have become common in the last few decades as chefs work to make the pastry their own. There have even been experiments with switching the dish's traditional coconut coating with shredded cheese, a variation that displays the dessert as a more savory experience.

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