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Rice puddings are common the world over, and in southeast Asia, they're often referred to as 'rice porridge' instead - nonetheless, the basis of a basic rice pudding is composed of a white, brown or black rice mixed with water or milk and sometimes sweetened with sugar.

At Hibiscus, we prepare our black rice pudding in a flash - and we've refined the method and transformed basic rice pudding into a dessert that's sure to send your taste buds reeling. Our tropical black rice is slow-cooked and infused with smoked coconut milk, elevating the base of the dish into something truly phenomenal. Freshly sliced strawberries top the pudding itself and are served with mint and homemade chocolate crumbs for a crunch.

For tourists and visitors to Indonesia, this black rice pudding seems like an obvious dessert - but natives often eat the dish in the morning, prizing the healthy nature of the ingredients. This meal is light enough to be a breakfast but provides the sweet flavors you demand from your desserts.

Although our black rice pudding is too complex a dish to be associated with any specific other recipe, it shares the most with bubur ketan hitam, a classic Indonesian dessert utilizing the same style of steaming to create a thick, creamy black rice. This rice, by itself, is both healthy and delicious - but paired with the fresh toppings and unique blend we offer, this is a meal you can't pass up.

Open only since June of 2017, we've received glowing reviews on every dish in the menu - but our black rice pudding is a favorite of returning locals and visiting tourists, a special treat for breakfast or dessert.

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