Chicken Spring Rolls on the plate - Indonesian Starter

A traditional favorite throughout all of Indonesia, the special recipe at Hibiscus makes the crispy chicken spring roll worthwhile with a unique blend of flavors. Enjoy a crunchy spring roll filled with savory minced chicken, pineapple and fresh mint.

As you walk through the front doors at Hibiscus of Seminyak, Bali, you'll experience an inviting ambiance and a selection of Indonesian meals ranging from hearty dinners to light lunches like these authentic Balinese Pork Satays.

Savory Grilled Chicken Taliwang on the plate - Indonesian main course

Chicken is a dish that's common the world over, but at Hibiscus of Seminyak, Bali we serve the world's favorite poultry in authentic Indonesian meals that stand out against the competition - dishes like our Chicken Taliwang burst with vibrant flavors and embody the spirit of Indonesian cuisine.

A Balinese native meal, Ayam Betutu (Balinese Spicy Chicken) is a marinated chicken leg, slow cooked over 3 hours. Cooked with Balinese spices, this flavoursome and tender chicken is served with organic white rice, sautéed vegetables and Balinese dressing.

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